Jewelry Care

All our jewelry, unless specified in the product description, is made of 925 Sterling Silver. Below, we detail some tips on how to care for and maintain your jewelry.

It is important that when you wear jewelry you do not put perfume, alcohol or derivatives thereof on them as they can be damaged by these liquids. In the case of gold-plated jewelry, it is recommended not to wet it so that the gold color does not fade*.

We advise you to store your jewelry in a cloth bag or in a jewelry box, so that it is not exposed when you do not wear it and it lasts longer.

*Gold plating is not guaranteed to last forever. How quickly the gold bath disappears depends on many factors such as the use of chemicals on the skin, the level of body sweating or even the same PH level of each person's skin. For these reasons, it is advisable to know that gold-plated jewelry requires more care or, if your experience tells you that it does not last, choose silver jewelry.

How to clean silver when it darkens

First of all and, before anything else, warn that all silver darkens and this does not mean that the piece is not silver or that it is of poor quality. This deterioration is produced by a chemical reaction that takes place in silver (also in other metals) when it comes into contact with agents in the environment. Although it is popularly said that silver oxidizes, in reality this is not true. In fact, hydrogen sulfide is what causes our silver piece to “tarnish.”

Before starting, we must warn that this process is effective for silver pieces (not for gold-plated silver pieces), if the jewelry has components made of other materials such as, for example, stones, zircons, glass, etc... we can damage them.

You only need the following:

  • A container to put hot water can be, for example, metal or glass.
  • Foil
  • Salt
  • Hot water

To clean the silver follow the following steps:

  1. Cover the inside of the container with the aluminum foil, with the shiny side facing up.
  2. Put plenty of salt in the container
  3. Fill the container with boiling water.
  4. Introduce the silver, make sure the silver is in contact with the salt.
  5. Wait 15 minutes
  6. Take out the silver pieces. You will see that the pieces have dust, this is because during these 15 minutes a chemical reaction has occurred that separates “the dirt” from the silver.
  7. Remove challenges with a cloth or absorbent paper, rubbing to produce a polished effect and obtain the natural shine of silver

We hope you enjoy your MARÍA LAGUILLO jewelry 😊